Development machine

The following are the instructions for installing a virtual machine with Debian 9.9 (amd64) and Vivado Design Suite 2018.3 with full SDK.

Creating virtual machine with Debian 9.9 (amd64)

linux initrd=initrd.gz auto=true priority=critical interface=auto

Accessing the virtual machine

The virtual machine can be accessed via SSH. To display applications with graphical user interfaces, a X11 server (Xming for MS Windows or XQuartz for Mac OS X) should be installed on the host computer. X11 forwarding should be enabled in the SSH client.

Installing Vivado Design Suite

mkdir /opt/Xilinx
cd /opt/Xilinx
tar -zxf Xilinx_Vivado_SDK_2018.3_1207_2324.tar.gz
cd Xilinx_Vivado_SDK_2018.3_1207_2324
sed -i '/uname -i/s/ -i/ -m/' xsetup
ln -s make /usr/bin/gmake